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    Your contact information will only be used to send you necessary information about your participation in the Arts Trail.

    About Your Work

    The following information will be used for publication in the Arts Trail brochure and may also be used in other media to promote the event.

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    Artist Contact Details

    These details will be used as public contact details for the arts trail

    Tell Us About Your Venue

    Your venue image may be included in the brochure if there is enough space and at the discretion of the Arts Trail committee. Please submit an attractive image of your venue (inside or outside).

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    Venue Accessibilty & Parking


    As well as the images of your work and venue, submitted above, do you have any other promotional imagery of yourself as an artist at work, your studio or venue, or pictures of your Arts Trail venue from a previous year? By submitting these images, you are giving the SHAF Arts Trail committee permission to use them to promote you as an artist, your venue and the Arts Trail online in social media and in other media.

    Venue Opening Times

    Below are examples of opening and closing times, please change them as appropriate. Type "Closed" if you are not open.

    Distribution of Promotional Materials

    Each participating artist is responsible for distribution of brochures, posters and flyers across the South Hams. Each brochure costs just under £1; they need to be put to work! Distribute brochures everywhere in your locality: pubs, restaurants, hotels, shops, information points. Why not on public footpaths, for example, in a weathertight transparent box? Be creative! And don't forget to keep the locations you are covering topped up. Remember to invite your loyal clients too! You will have an allotted amount to collect and distribute, but if you can proactively do more or if you are happy to ensure a specific area is always covered, please tell us below. If you can't fully distribute your share, pass them onto other artists rather than waste them. (Final quantities of promotional materials to each artist will remain at the discretion of the Arts Trail committee. Further distribution details will be provided nearer the time.)

    Please type quantity you would like to receive if higher than the quantity suggested:

    Public Liability Insurance

    Please confirm that you will have public liability insurance cover during the Arts Trail. As the organiser, SHAF is not responsible for insurance coverage of individual artists, artwork, or for security, health and safety at venues. You are expected to arrange and provide proof of insurance coverage, if requested, for the duration of the event. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the requirements of your insurance policy.

    Thank you for your application. Please note this form is only for those that have already paid their application