• Profile picture of Penny Alexander
    Painter of landscapes, some including ethereal touches and indications
  • Profile picture of Jill Annfield
    My work is mainly acrylic on canvas or board. I interpret a subject or view from an angle, colour or mood which appeals to me. Landscapes with lone houses, churches and trees feature in my paintings together with atmosphere and sometimes mystery.
  • Profile picture of Susan Ash
    I am a 77 year old sometime painter, and sometime drafts person, who takes loads of photos, and waiting for inspiration to strike.
  • Profile picture of John Ashton
    John has been passionate about birds all his life. He started work as a taxidermist while still at grammar school in Somerset and after a varied career settled in South Devon where he is a prolific oil painter and published writer about local wildlife.
  • Profile picture of Tara Baker
    I am inspired by nature and natural forms, vivid colours. I enjoy printing, glass painting, watercolours and illustrations.
  • Profile picture of Fernando Asiàn Del Barco
    My favourite medium is oil, whether on canvas, paper, wood or board. As a painter, I portray a surrealistic vision of life through art.
  • Profile picture of Caroline Barker
    Caroline Barker is a British printmaker, calligrapher and maker of handmade books.
  • Profile picture of Beverly Beeland
    Hand built ceramics and carved wood.
  • Profile picture of Richard Bent
    Professional blacksmith, designing and making original work for homes and gardens with emphasis on 3-Dimensional design.
  • Profile picture of Trisha Berry
    Drawing and painting wild and natural things
  • Profile picture of Rod Birtles
    Digital photography in both colour and black and white
  • Profile picture of Diana Booth
    Oil paintings in contemporary vibrant style. Mostly sea/landscapes of local area and from travels abroad.
  • Profile picture of Susan Bradshaw
    Textile Artist. Hand embroidery and needle lace.
  • Profile picture of Michelle Briggs
    Painter using Gouache watercolour, Acrylic and Artisan water-based Oils. Drawing and embroidery animals.
  • Profile picture of Amanda Brooks
    Painter of the natural world, often birds, in watercolours, gold leaf and egg tempera
  • Profile picture of Susan Brown
    Photographer with wide interest pat a special relationship with the Coast.
  • Profile picture of Ann Burnham
    My prints are inspired by the coastal paths, rolling countryside, and narrow hedgrow lanes of Devon. They are small limited editioned linocuts.
  • Profile picture of Sue Burton
    Textile creations inspired by the landscape and wildlife of the South Hams where I live and work.
  • Profile picture of Laura Butt
    Oil and Coldwax paintings
  • Profile picture of Sue Carr
    Early years in Africa, a Science degree, then an apprenticeship as a production thrower in Canada. Recently moved to Devon where she continues to produce brightly illustrated porcelain ceramics.
  • Profile picture of Lucy-Rose Cartwright
    Freelance Illustrator
  • Profile picture of Tabitha Chambers
    I am a ceramic artist and maker, mostly handbuilding and slipcasting. I also teach students of all ages.
  • Profile picture of Amy Cocks
    Contemporary Jewellery inspired by our wonderful Meadows
  • Profile picture of Paul Connett
    Designing and creating quality leather goods from my workshop at The Clay Factory, Ivybridge.
  • Profile picture of Emma Cook
    Printmaker based in Kingsbridge, creating bespoke original handmade collagraph prints, inspired by the Devon landscape & coastline. #SBS winner 2021
  • Profile picture of Nick Cotter
    My work explores the interplay between photography and painting. I portray dream like scenes, typical of the surrealist movement, and “Digisurrealism” describes the juxtaposition of the unexpected within digitally produced images. Even the more challenging allegories are created from usually joyous elements. The tragic image of the migrant boats "Barche di Migranti" contains scenes of joy and celebration.
  • Profile picture of Lin Cudlipp
    Contemporary painter who also works in collage with paper, textiles and clay.
  • Profile picture of Gloria Dale
    My work is closely connected to nature, Dartmoor and the coast, which has been a strong influence.
  • Profile picture of Carol Deathridge
    I am a pastel artist portraying the local coast
  • Profile picture of Juliana Depledge
    I seek to reveal the beauty of the natural world through watercolour, drawing mostly from live specimens, for prints, cards and book illustration.
  • Profile picture of Steve Dooley
    Working in wood and resin in Kingsbridge
  • Profile picture of Lynn Douet
    Watercolour, coloured pencil and pen & ink
  • Profile picture of Marianne Drabble
    Im a local Illustrator & artist, my work often involves colour humour & fun, ready made works & commissions.
  • Profile picture of Christine East
    Painter, Silversmith
  • Profile picture of Lesley Forrest
    designer maker of wearable art
  • Profile picture of Tricia Fowler
    Working with wool fibre
  • Profile picture of Donna Francesca
    Land, sea & cloudscapes inspired by emotional weather
  • Profile picture of Jackie Gale
    Contemporary textile artist creating illustrative and abstract style art inspired by the beautiful Southwest corner.
  • Profile picture of Miranda Gardiner
    Landscape & Still Life Paintings: seasonally rooted and held in collections worldwide.
  • Profile picture of Lou Griffiths
    Art With A Purpose - Unique sustainable wood-burnt homeware artwork and timeless pieces inspired by my love of nature.
  • Profile picture of Nigel Grist
    I'm a printmaker and photographer with a particular interest in landscape and the natural environment.
  • Profile picture of Lucy Gunning
    My deep love for Cornwall and Devon has inspired me throughout my life, its’ long-varied coastline, rugged moors and winding creeks make up a unique landscape which has shaped and influenced my artwork.
  • Profile picture of Alison Hannah
    Ceramics inspired by the moorland & coastline of Devon.
  • Profile picture of Amanda Harvey
    graphic, dynamic art inspired by coastal living
  • Profile picture of Sarah Hebe
    I am a painter, Art Psychotherapist and Personal Development Mentor. I live a hop, skip and jump from the sea in Dartmouth, and find continual inspiration for my work in the coves, beaches, boatyards and landscapes of the South Hams and West Cornwall. My work is all about contrast and patterns, and stories of imagined happenings when the world silently sleeps.
  • Profile picture of Theresa Henning
    Inspired by South Hams countryside, coast and rivers. Fascinated by the play of light on woodland and moorland. I have a passion for painting which has grown and developed over the years.
  • Profile picture of Becci Hey
    Exploring new horizons of abstract impressionism in photography, Becci creates images that not only show the different range of colours but also show how the ocean and sky change and develop with the weather that Mother Nature delivers.
  • Profile picture of Ed Hill
    'Bespoke art made from recycled metal'
  • Profile picture of Louise Holman
    Nature is exhilarating. It is colourful, light, dark, enticing & challenging. Everything about it provides me with an energy I try to express in my work.
  • Profile picture of Rob Hopkins
    I am a writer, podcaster and public speaker who went did Art Foundation aged 18, and have spent my life since trying to change the world (it is quite resistant). In the meantime, during lockdown, I've discovered the joys of making lino prints. And now it's my delight to share them with you.
  • Profile picture of Carol Gameson Hughes
    I am a Needle Felting Artist living in the village of Chillington in the South Hams. I am inspired by nature and love to create wildlife characters from British Wools and Fleeces.
  • Profile picture of Lili John
    Lili John is a Mix Media Artist, Art Facilitator, and Author who resides in Devon. Lili takes inspiration for her work from her dual heritage. Lili is Celtic and African and those two cultures combined with her love for nature inspires her to create unique artwork which tells a story.
  • Profile picture of Robert Jones
    Working in acrylics on a variety of subjects.
  • Profile picture of Sheila Kettle
    Textile artist and weaver with a contemporary twist.
  • Profile picture of Eleanor King
    I love to paint serene light, gentle colours in a calm space, mists drifting, playing with distant horizons - I feel the need to capture arresting views that give me joy, and share them. The elusive goal is to recreate that moment that stopped you in your tracks, the scene that made you just stop, and look . . . and stay looking.
  • Profile picture of Shirley Kirkcaldy
    Painter of expressive landscapes and seascapes in mixed media and oil.
  • Profile picture of Susan Luker
    Since 1998 I have pushed the boundaries with smoked Fired Raku, building my own kilns, teaching and selling through The Devon Guild, shows, and privately. My new work embraces the alchemy of clay slips, engobes and glazes on hand built stoneware pots, they are fired multiple times creating abstract qualities.
  • Profile picture of Andrew M Luscombe
    A landscape and seascape artist inspired by a lifetime of walking the valleys, moors and clifftops.
  • Profile picture of Lissy Marsh
    Pen and ink drawings and textile art inspired by a love of freediving
  • Profile picture of Gavin Middlewood
    I paint 'Macro-Nature' inspired by the beauty of the South Hams. If it is close up and colourful it could well be one of mine!
  • Profile picture of Liz Mingo
    I'm a mosaic artist using ceramics and glass, I love what I do and do what I love. I've always lived in the beautiful South Hams. Recently moved from Kingsbridge to Totnes where I went to secondary school. It's great to be in such an open minded and creative town. I enjoy making mosaic artwork in ceramics, glass and sometimes unusual finds from charity shops. I continue to explore a variety of materials to use to make my artwork unique.
  • Profile picture of Lizzie Moran
    Impressions of the South West and Beyond
  • Profile picture of corinna Barrell - mosaic.rocks
    Contemporary mosaic artist
  • Profile picture of Pam Neaves
    Mixed Media and Ceramic Artist
  • Profile picture of Mark Newton
    My main subject material is the wild open landscapes of Dartmoor. Living in Ivybridge, it is only a short walk before I’m free in mind to release my creative ideas with Drawing and painting.
  • Profile picture of Margaret Nicholls
    I like to paint vibrant seascapes with movement. I like the viewer to feel the motion and the intensity of the subject.
  • Profile picture of Anita Nowinska
    Big, evocative paintings, capturing Mindful moments in nature to create joy & well being. Bringing awareness to the tiny, inspiring details we so often pass by
  • Profile picture of Rachel O'Connell
    Marbling Artist. Marbling paper, textiles, leather, ceramics, glass and wood. Endangered Heritage Craft - Contemporary Design
  • Profile picture of Denise Orchard
    My seascapes are about capturing the atmosphere, dynamic light and varying moods of the beautiful Devon and Cornwall coast. I am being particularly inspired by stormy and dramatic skies.
  • Profile picture of Emmy Palmer
    Whilst at college in 2006 I won a scholarship award with Teign Valley Glass studio in Bovey Tracey and have continued a working relationship with them ever since. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Applied Arts in 2007 specialising in glass. It was during my degree that I started to combine knitting with glass in different ways. I was really taken by combining knitted metals with blown glass and have been refining the technique ever since. I love to knit. It's a skill that has been passed down through my family for generations. The concentration needed and the repetitive hand movements make knitting and crochet really therapeutic and I see it as a real form of self care. Knitting has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. Having had almost a decade out of glass has made me realise how passionate I am about making glass and how much joy it brings me. During this time my knitting knowledge and skills have really expanded leading the way to lots of new exciting ideas!
  • Profile picture of Christine Pascoe
    Watercolour artist and tutor.
  • Profile picture of Lucy Penny
    Contemporary mixed media painter, tutor and lover of colour, light and atmosphere.
  • Profile picture of Michelle Plumb
    Passionate about my handmade, coastal inspired, ceramic creations 🌊
  • Profile picture of Anna Pooley
    Emerging acrylic and mixed media artist inspired by the beauty of Devon
  • Profile picture of Deb Rickard
    I work mainly in acrylic and am inspired by light on water, both here in the South Hams and in Norway where I have family.
  • Profile picture of Steve Robinson
    Glass Artist
  • Profile picture of Heather Rose
    Heather works with clay, developing pieces in response to her lived experience, which comment upon her feelings and reflections on these events.
  • Profile picture of Jeromy Rowett
    I make traditional Yealmpton chairs in addition to many other bespoke items and pretty pieces inspired by interesting wood.
  • Profile picture of Maggie Smith
    Painter and printmaker inspired by the natural landscape.
  • Profile picture of Rachel Smith
    A mixed media and collage artist, influenced by the changing moods and light of the sea and coastline
  • Profile picture of Stuart Spray
    I'm a professional electrical engineer turned artist using my background in photography and image processing technology to create impressionistic renderings of images from my own archive.
  • Profile picture of Louis Victory SWAc
    Louis is an architect by background; a passionate lifetime photographer; and a painter in the time that’s left. His specialisation is fine art landscape photography. He has exhibited widely in South West England.
  • Profile picture of Julie Talbot-Dunn
    Abstract Painter, studied Art & Design at Jacob Kramer, Leeds 1972, went on to work in graphic design, publishing and editorial in Architecture, Local Government and Banking industries.
  • Profile picture of Stephen Thomas
    Local artist, painting local scenes and capturing the beauty that surrounds us.
  • Profile picture of Vivienne Turner
    All my baskets and sculptures incorporate home grown willow from the South Hams and are worked with techniques acquired over many years. Each basket is individual when worked with equestrian leather or have a hedgerow branch handle. I am very much influenced by the surround countryside and coast lines of Devon…
  • Profile picture of Anna Ventura
    Fine Artist working in inks and ceramics. Also digital graphic artist, organiser and tutor.
  • Profile picture of Becky Wall
    Textile Artist using rope, jute and fabric to create bowls, clocks and homewares
  • Profile picture of Marissa Walter
    Sometimes abstract, sometimes less so. Seeing the world with brights, textures and magnificent glitter.
  • Profile picture of Julie Watts
    Largely self taught mixed media mosaic artist inspired by others from the naive tradition. Pre-made works for sale in my Etsy shop. I am happy to discuss individually commissioned pieces.