• Profile picture of victoria Allen
    I am an illustrator and painter who is very inspired by this lovely corner of the world.
  • Profile picture of Tara Baker
    I am inspired by nature and natural forms, vivid colours. I enjoy working in print, water colours and drawing.
  • Profile picture of Trisha Berry
    Drawing and painting wild and natural things
  • Profile picture of Michelle Briggs
    Painter using Gouache watercolour, Acrylic and Artisan water-based Oils. Drawing and embroidery animals.
  • Profile picture of Juliana Depledge
    I seek to reveal the beauty of the natural world through watercolour, drawing mostly from live specimens, for prints, cards and book illustration.
  • Profile picture of Christine East
    Painter, Silversmith
  • Profile picture of Keri Fuge
    I work in theatre for my day job, when I'm not doing that I'm usually on the beach with my three children near our beautiful home in Devon, when I'm not doing that I like to paint and draw what I see.
  • Profile picture of Jamila Hanan
    Artist Activist based at The Clay Factory on the edge of Ivybridge and Dartmoor.
  • Profile picture of Becci Hey
    Exploring new horizons of abstract impressionism in photography, Becci creates images that not only show the different range of colours but also show how the ocean and sky change and develop with the weather that Mother Nature delivers.
  • Profile picture of Ed Hill
    'Bespoke art made from recycled metal'
  • Profile picture of Rob Hopkins
    I am a writer, podcaster and public speaker who went did Art Foundation aged 18, and have spent my life since trying to change the world (it is quite resistant). In the meantime, during lockdown, I've discovered the joys of making lino prints. And now it's my delight to share them with you.
  • Profile picture of Shirley Kirkcaldy
    Painter of expressive landscapes and seascapes in mixed media and oil.
  • Profile picture of Elisabeth Marsh
    Textile and Mixed Media Art inspired by her love of freediving and the sea
  • Profile picture of Margaret Nicholls
    I like to paint vibrant seascapes with movement. I like the viewer to feel the motion and the intensity of the subject.
  • Profile picture of Jan O'Highway
    Combining the brilliant surfaces of ceramic and glass with the clear lines and strength of steel I make sculpture for interiors, public spaces and private gardens.
  • Profile picture of Christine Pascoe
    Watercolour artist and tutor.
  • Profile picture of Lucy Penny
    Contemporary mixed media painter, tutor and lover of colour, light and atmosphere.
  • Profile picture of Anna Ventura
    Fine Artist working in ink, digital graphic artist and gallery owner.
  • Profile picture of Becca White
    Textiles and hand pulled prints combined to create things for people to use and enjoy.