• Profile picture of Rod Birtles
    Digital photography in both colour and black and white
  • Profile picture of Nick Cotter
    My work explores the interplay between photography and painting. I portray dream like scenes, typical of the surrealist movement, and “Digisurrealism” describes the juxtaposition of the unexpected within digitally produced images. Even the more challenging allegories are created from usually joyous elements. The migrant boats image "Barche di Migranti" contains scenes of happy and celebratory events.
  • Profile picture of Richard Fearon
    Photographer of minimalist scenes, creating images of simplicity from this beautiful part of the world.
  • Profile picture of Donna Francesca
    Explorations in alternative photography and paintings of ethereal skies and seas
  • Profile picture of Nigel Grist
    I'm a printmaker and photographer with a particular interest in landscape and the natural environment.
  • Profile picture of Lucy Penny
    Contemporary mixed media painter, tutor and lover of colour, light and atmosphere.