• Profile picture of Christine East
    Painter, Silversmith
  • Profile picture of Nigel Grist
    I'm a printmaker and photographer with a particular interest in landscape and the natural environment.
  • Profile picture of Rob Hopkins
    I am a writer, podcaster and public speaker who went did Art Foundation aged 18, and have spent my life since trying to change the world (it is quite resistant). In the meantime, during lockdown, I've discovered the joys of making lino prints. And now it's my delight to share them with you.
  • Profile picture of Rachel O'Connell ROCWORX
    Leather Artisan and Marble Artist. Natural materials, traditional tools, heritage craft, contemporary design. Using a range of sustainable materials, some of which are byproducts of other industries I handcraft items which are beautiful and practical for the home.
  • Profile picture of Becca White
    Textiles and hand pulled prints combined to create things for people to use and enjoy.