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In the1980s Alyson studied Art and then specialised in Retail and Interior Design in Manchester. After graduating she went on to work for major retail chains and then Daniel Thwaites PLC, upgrading their portfolio of pubs, hotels and restaurants. Following a break to have a family Alyson retrained in marketing, specialising in graphic design, branding and website design. Basically using art and design skills in any feasible way. She developed her own consultancy between 2006 and 2016, then decided to retire early, move to South Devon and rekindle her artistic abilities. Being enterprising she decided to paint some landscapes and semi-abstracts on MDF, which sold at a local exhibition. She has also completed commissioned graphite portraits of people and animals, one of which was offered as a prize in a community competition. She is still on a journey of discovery and teaching herself to paint with various mediums and unusual materials, using brush, air-spray and collage techniques. Her ambition is to create highly visual pieces of art that people want to have in their homes. Alyson accepts commissions and is particularly interested in working with other artists to share ideas for developing ways to display or sell their art. To this end she runs a facebook group of Devon artist, to help local artists network and access inspirational images and ideas: or f:

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