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When life slowed in lockdown Alison spent her afternoons walking on Devon lanes. Where driving would reveal a momentary slice of landscape through gaps in high hedges, walking invited contemplation, the still, hot air fizzing with insects and evoking the continent at siesta time or a childhood when everybody didn’t own a car.

Stained gesso grounds and an incremental layering of ink or colour hold an economy of mark and a tenderness for the claustrophobia of lockdown. From intimate views of empty fields to the domestic ritual of tea, a body of work speaks to absence, separation and silence. Currently studying MA art psychotherapy, Alison is interested in the states of being that art can harness.

From the blond cornfields and gentle chalk downs of the Chilterns through life in small cities and under vast fenland skies, Alison was drawn to the dramatic landscape of Devon with its rugged cliffs and the warm, agricultural red earth of the South Hams which has been her home since the early 2000s. Born in Luton, comprehensive and polytechnic-educated in times of punk and politics, she retains strong personal ethics and a sense of social justice.

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Alison Veazey