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I am a Sculptor and Artist who lives and works in The South Hams in South Devon. Working initially in clay, my sculpture is predominately figurative. My professional life as an artist started as a full time art psychotherapist 1984-2005 in NHS children’s’ mental health services and since then continues part-time freelance. It follows naturally that the initial focus of my creativity involves deeply engaged life studies involving observation and collaboration with others . Creativity emerges while developing these imaginatively in the studio. This may flow immediately or involve struggling for many months ! It has been an enormous pleasure to pursue my passion for figure sculpture in the last decade. Working in the round, with clay or wax or plaster & scrim, I find that sculpture is infinitely complex & challenging. The beauty of human and natural forms are deeply inspiring, offering a limitless and gratifying means for self expression, communication and celebration.

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Ani Buckland

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Richmond Few Road Ashburton TQ3 7EJ