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I love drawing with wire and recreating scenes that I come across in daily life with my young daughter, pets, birds and flowers, as well as scenes from my head. Joy and humour are important elements in my work; I like to make people smile. I use wire like a pen; pieces emerge freehand from my pliers, I don’t often draw them beforehand. I enjoy making flowing shapes and patterns with the wire, echoing my love of pen drawing. I use a variety of wires as well as paper, plastic cut from bottles, beads, driftwood and more. Drawing with pen, ink, paint and pencil is also an important aspect of my work. Prices range from £10 to £500, dimensions from 10 cm to 150 cm. I gained a degree (2:1 hons) from the University of Central Lancashire in 1995 in Three Dimensional Design specialising in ceramics, glass & jewellery design.

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Becky Crawford

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2 Birchland Road Sparkwell Plymouth PL7 5DN