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As a “Digisurrealist” (digital surrealist), I am interested in how our mental filters (conscious and unconscious) influence our perceptions of the here and now, which in turn determine what we see and feel. My aim is to portray dream like scenes, typical of the surrealist movement. The term Digisurrealism (digital surrealism) is used to describe the inclusion of the unexpected in my digital images. My work is built up on a multiple layer, in a process that is similar to painting, using elements of my photographic images as my palette. Some of my most popular pieces have been “Boatyard Dreams” and details from that image, as well as “Barchi di Migranti” and “Turnstones”. My most recent works have been a series of three inspired by wave patterns, not just the wave formations, but the patterns they also leave behind.

My photography includes; people; the South West landscape, including Dartmoor; seascapes and coastal scenes, including boats and harbours; nature, including birds and trees, buildings, water, sea, the waves, and the sky. Many of my photographs are taken in the South Hams, in Devon.

My prints are limited editions, archival quality, professionally printed on canvas. I am a Committee Member of SHAF, and a member of Southwest Artists. My work has been exhibited at: SW Academy of Artists open exhibition Exeter, Harbour Arts, Kingsbridge, The Flavel Centre, Dartmouth, No 8 Pershore, Artrix, West Midlands, MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) Macchynthlleth.

I am happy to discuss commissions.

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