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Donna Francesca

  • Ethereal land & seascapes created from experience and memories


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Ethereal land & seascapes created from experience and memories

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My exploration of the magnificent devon coastline where i am blessed to live & my passionate connection with its natural beauty, inspires me to capture the movement and rhythm of the sea & skies; the emotionality of its raw & wild elements & the continually changing light with paint onto canvas.

On my journeys I sketch and record a particular moment in time that has captivated me. i use these sketches in the studio as a springboard for my largely self-taught practice, which is exploratory and intuitive. i build layers & texture which allows for the painting to evolve through the creative process until the final work reveals itself as a story of a unique moment in time & nature.

My experience as a professional photographer and my studies of holistic health greatly informs my work. i explore alternative practices and methods in photography to capture the poetry that exists in the native flora.

My greatest desire is that my work allows you to feel with me the emotive and healing powers of this natural world.

donna francesca


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Donna Francesca