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Elen Claire Williams MA WAYS WITH LANDSCAPE Artist statement A Fine Artist, Elen Claire Williams MA works in the genre of the British Walking Artists. Recording and interpreting the South Devon landscape, principally between the moor, the sea, the Yealm and the Avon. The artist uses a variety of mediums and visual languages including text, and frequently working in series. Through varied visual languages, this artist has created atmospheric, evocative impressions and visual documentations arising from Art-walks in the South Hams of Devon. Seeking to share the majestic wonders and the spiritual peace of Creation by opening our eyes to the gems to be found on our own doorsteps is a crucial element of Elen Claire Williams’ art practice. As Joan Eardley said “…I find the more I know the place or the more I know the particular spot, the more I find to paint in that particular spot. I do feel the more you know something, the more you get out of it – the more it gives you.” Normally the ‘Art of Slow Walking’ begins with rural walks where the content is more important than duration. Solitary times at well-known locations are a favourite theme running through the art-works here there is a chance to see creation in such a way that it encourages liminal experience, imagination, self-discovery and inner peace. Beyond the decorative aspect of making art, the key issues of our times i.e. environmental issues and spiritual poverty have become essential deeper elements in the artist’s work. The artist seeks to raise the audiences’ awareness of and the need to actively become a participant in its conservation. “I have succeeded in my aim when the glorious awesome wonder of creation encourages people to engage in every way with the fragility of the environment on our personal doorsteps.” An interest in local history, local tradition, and personal faith are reflected in the narrative of specific series of artwork. Recent series include ‘Millburn Quartet’ (oil on canvas); ‘Location, location’ (Mixed media); The Prospect Pathway (oil), and miscellaneous work arising from time spent at Salcombe Art Club and watching boats or local walking. 

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