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Ed Hill

  • 'Bespoke art made from recycled metal'


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'Bespoke art made from recycled metal'

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Each piece of art requires my close attention: When placing the head; positioning the eye; creating the frame. Accuracy is key when welding, as a mistake costs me valuable time and energy to undo, and then redo. All the time I’m holding the essence of the animal in my head, and taking quick glances across at my photos and working drawings. The methods I use to create what I do, are an art themselves. They have enabled the quality and ambition of my designs to continue to develop. 

All my materials are sourced from Plymouth and surrounding South Devon. I predominantly use metal objects donated to charity shops, but I also gather metal from farms, bike shops, industrial estates and house clearances. This makes each sculpture bespoke and sometimes with sentimental value too.

People ask me how do I get the ideas? They form bilaterally, whilst on my walks appreciating the wildlife, and working closely with the second-hand metal. I am grateful for where I live in the South Hams, as I can enjoy the beautiful surroundings it has to offer. My workshop and gallery is at Ermington Workshops, Unit 7. Feel welcome to make an appointment to see a large collection of my work.

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Ed Hill