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Eleanor studied at Harrow Art School and went on to have a successful career in London as a graphic designer and illustrator, until the demands of family life took over. She resumed painting after an inspirational holiday in Scotland, which was meant to serve as a relaxing antidote to the demands of her second career in clinical nutrition, but left her wondering how she could have stayed away from painting for so long. She has exhibited in Surrey, the Contemporary Art Fair in Newbury, and opened her studio/gallery near Kingsbridge for Devon Open Studios.

‘The countryside has always been a source of pleasure for me, whether it’s a local dog walk or travelling further afield to hike the wilder areas of the British Isles. Simply being immersed in beautiful landscape – whatever the weather – is pure food for the soul. I love the luminosity and serendipitous nature of watercolour and am drawn towards landscapes with unusual light, or mists that drift through open spaces, or play with large distant horizons. My goal is to explore both Dartmoor and the coastal paths of Devon, and do more sketching en plein air, from which to develop studio paintings.

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