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I am a self-taught mosaicist and have been producing pieces of work for six years now. I use some glass tesserae, mass produced for mosaic work, but I also use old recycled tiles and broken ceramics, some of which come from the mud of the Kingsbridge Estuary. I like to produce pieces that are hopefully pleasing to the eye but are also functional in some way. Whilst I do make some mosaic ‘pictures’, I tend to focus on occasional tables, mirrors, fruit bowls, clocks and lazy susans. My strap line is “Love it, and use it!” I have undertaken a few commissions but my designs are driven by the material that I have to hand, and it is difficult to guess what people are going to like. I have also ‘revitalised’ some much loved pieces of china that have been accidentally broken and reconstructed them into a new and usable form for their owner. My Artist’s History is quite brief, in fact I still hesitate to call myself an artist. I have exhibited in several Harbour House Open Exhibitions and taken part in SHAF Contemporary Passions and Presentmaker. I have sold a number of pieces through these exhibitions.

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Jane Mahood

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Whitehall Cottage, Lower Town Malborough TQ7 3SG