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I make mosaic art works using a variety of materials including glass, ceramic and my own hand gilded glass. I make bespoke work for clients that include large wall mosaics for indoor and outdoors.

Recently I have been making mosaic sculptures, exploring form through various sculptural techniques using wire, cement board, plaster and polystyrene and decorating with a mosaic skin. I like to incorporate my gilded glass in the mosaic decoration. In my outdoor pieces the imitation metal leaf under the glass will tarnish and form a patina which changes colour over time. I find a fascination in the relationship between the permanence of the structure and the transient and evolving colours of the metal leaf.

 Many of my sculptures are built to hang on a wall and often take the form of birds or moths in flight. I take inspiration from nature, religion and mythological stories that feature animals, birds  and metamorphosis.

My mosaic practice began in Devon and I built my first mosaic on a school wall with children in 1994, Later in 1999 I moved to Somerset where I continued to make mosaics for clients and exhibitions, run workshops with schools, and courses for  adults from my studio.

I have now returned to my home land of Devon and work and teach from my studio at Black Barns Studios in Liverton, near Bovey Tracy.

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Kate Rattray

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Black barns Studios, Gorse Blossom Farm, Liverton , Devon