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My roots lie in fabric and sewing from a very early age. I designed and created my own clothes whilst still a young teenager and then worked, as my first proper job, in the old Dartington Mill as a seamstress with tweed and other clothing fabrics. I have now created a unique product, a range of greetings cards that are also gifts. There is no printing on them – they are created individually from fabric, mainly vintage fabric, with a small card panel for writing a greeting. They are meant to be cherished and kept by the recipient, thus my trading name, made4keeps. Each one is distinct, even if the same basic fabric has been used. I sew on antique beads or lace, appliqué flowers, birds or butterflies, choosing different colours of felt to frame and present the core design. I source all my fabrics locally from charity shops, haberdashers and vintage outlets. I am also exploring the same approach with other items, making brooches, key rings and gift labels that embody my designs.

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Sue Burton