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Pam Neaves

  • Mixed Media and Ceramic Artist


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My work expresses an emotional representation of my life journey so far. From living in Yorkshire, being the youngest member of the family, following my dream to be a graphic designer,  travelling and exploring different cultures, leaving home for the first time to live in The Midlands, moving closer to the sea in Devon,  becoming a Mum,  bringing up my son,  losing my parents,  focusing on my Art, encouraging others to be creative and surviving lockdown! All of my creations are original. I create in clay, thrive on individuality avoiding repetition.

I’m currently exploring textures and words to emphasise layers, much like I used to do as a graphic designer but without the help of Photoshop. I love that the outcome of my ceramics depends on things out of my control,  the heat of the kiln,  the reaction of the glazes,  the structure of the clay.

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Pam Neaves