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After achieving an MA with distinction from Buckingham University, Peter began his furniture-making career working within the confines that come from using planed, seasoned wood. After he returned to his native Devon in 2003, he started to explore a more sustainable methodology, finding relevance in the low energy, simple technology of green woodworking, which captures the beauty and essence of the original tree. Each of Peter’s iconic pieces begin the same way. He hand-selects coppiced stems from a well-managed, local wood on the south Devon coast. Coppicing is a traditional woodland management practice that preserves bio-diversity. It involves felling young trees to open up the canopy, while preserving the root system. New shoots soon sprout from the stump, and the cycle is repeated every 30 years or so. Peter’s work is simply an extension of this sustainable approach. Peter is an award-winning member of the Devon Guild. He regularly exhibits his work in London and across the UK, while select pieces are also available from several well-renowned galleries. He’s available for commissions, and runs ever-popular woodworking courses at his workshop in the stunning South Hams.

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2 Birchland Rd Sparkwell Plymouth PL7 5DN