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I studied at Newport College of Art and Manchester College of Art where I trained in woven and screen printed Textile Design. I was a residential houseparent and taught Art and Crafts at Kilworthy House, a socio-therapeutic community just outside Tavistock, after which I worked at Plymouth College of Art & Design until 2003 and at Dartington College of Arts until 2010. In both colleges, I worked as a screen-printer, before re-training as a counsellor, and gaining a BA Hons in Social Sciences. Having retired, I now have the time to continue printmaking, painting watercolours, and screen printing my original designs onto lengths of fabric that I then make up into lampshades which are on sale in The Gallery at Avon Mill. My designs are mainly influenced by the natural world, animals, birds and the sea. The lampshades introduce the added element of how texture, colour, and ink opacity are affected and changed by bright light – I have focussed on printing with metallic inks that provide both opacity when the light is on and visual interest when the light is switched off.

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