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Laura Butt

  • Oil and Coldwax paintings


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Laura is an artist and art psychotherapist who moved to Devon with her family for a change in lifestyle 2 years ago. Her studio is in the picturesque village of Ringmore, immersed in the countryside leading down to the headland.

Laura works with cold wax and oil paint in the studio and with ink and pastels when ‘outside’. Contemporary, textural and expressive, her landscapes are emotive, marking the changes in seasons.
She draws on her intuition of nature’s messages and takes note of the shifts in energy and focus in her surroundings and herself.
Her artwork documents these transitions and her awareness of nature’s pen, capturing a moment in time inviting the viewer to see nature through her eyes.
Laura asks her audience to immerse themselves within their interpersonal relationship with the subject matter. She draws on the viewer to remember, relive and reattune with their experiences and memories of being, seeing and feeling in the natural world.

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Laura Butt