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I create beautiful, unique pictures using recycled paper and sew them together on my sewing machine. Each naïve creation contains engaging and nostalgic materials, rescued from a large variety of sources; each piece is therefore, not just a visual narrative but also tells a story through the materials I have used. I have always recycled things and love the fact that I am using other people’s rubbish in a fun and wacky way! I take inspiration from all around me, and it satisfies my inner Womble! I am always on the lookout for materials. Every day is different, I never get tired of creating, then sewing all the bigger pieces together on my sewing machine. My head is permanently full of ideas, just not enough hours in the day to make them all, I love it. I put together special commissions for people which preserves many memories for them, and I know brings great pleasure.

I also love using rescued labels from many donated empty bottles, (we really don’t empty them all ourselves!) and books to create journals and notebooks, sewing them together, again making something beautiful out of nothing. When I am collecting and creating, I am indeed a happy Womble.


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Kim Watkins