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Steve Dooley

  • Working in wood and resin in Kingsbridge


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Working in wood and resin in Kingsbridge

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I make things with wood. I usually use oak, maple, walnut and ash, but occasionally more exotic species. I also incorporate resin in some of my pieces to give an extra dimension of colour and transparency.  Living in the South Hams, I am fascinated by the outlines of the rivers and estuaries, and you will see in my portfolio the three dimensional engraved maps of the estuaries,   flooded with blue resin, and also the table incorporating the Kingsbridge-Salcombe estuary.  I am also interested in the use of text engraving on wood, from simple names on present boxes, any house sign, through to my full engraved “periodic table”.  I have a well-equipped workshop which includes a CNC machine, meaning I can model designs and engravings on a computer before creating them.

Some items may be purchased from my ETSY shop – AFishyBusiness

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Steve Dooley