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Elisabeth Marsh

  • Textile and Mixed Media Art inspired by her love of freediving and the sea


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Textile and Mixed Media Art inspired by her love of freediving and the sea

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Elisabeth’s life has been shaped by her love of the sea. From an early age all her summers were spent living in a beach hut only metres from the ocean, days were spent snorkelling over the migrating spider crabs, diving down to the mussel beds to gather dinner and trying to spot flat fish hiding on the sandy sea floor. She has now made her home on the beautiful South Devon coast.

Elisabeth is a freediver (diving on a single breath of air) and time spent underwater has been the main inspiration for her artwork. Freediving has taken her all over the world to remote tropical beaches, crystal clear Icelandic fjords and tiny atolls in the middle of the ocean.

“I try to capture my subject matter how I view it when freediving so I work from a combination of memory, photos and most importantly videos to recreate movement in my work. My subject matter consists of sea life found around the British coast or things I’ve seen on my travels; whether it’s a beautiful beach, something small from a rock pool, a rare seahorse that inhabits my local harbour or giant manta rays and whale sharks.”

She has a degree in Fine Art and enjoys experimenting with different mediums to create texture and colour but will always love the simplicity of taking just a pen and sketch pad on her travels. Her favourite place to draw is sitting on a beach with her toes in the sand.

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Elisabeth Marsh