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My favourite medium is watercolour, although I am happy to create images in many other media including graphite, acrylic, and oil. I have a love of flowers, and have become known for bright, fresh floral paintings. Having mastered a wide range of painterly techniques I enjoy trying to describe the personality and character of a flower, sometimes drawing the viewer in to discover details they may otherwise have missed, sometimes simply expressing my delight in looking at them. More recently, and with a growing interest in acrylics and water-mixable oils, I am drawn to painting landscapes.

My fascination with the way a medium works is as important as the chosen subject matter for an image, and is a constant source of inspiration to experiment and discover new techniques. I am particularly excited by colour which elicits a physical response in me : watching colours blend wet-in-wet still makes me go weak at the knees!

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Siân Dudley