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Lucy Penny

  • Contemporary mixed media painter, tutor and lover of colour, light and atmosphere.


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I am a Tutor, artist and commission artist loving this wild and wonderful inspirational beautiful area.

Life has changed from being an Art Educator in Gloucestershire and Bristol to living and painting in this wonderful part of the country. The South Hams – Torcross especially, has inspired me since I was a small child. In turn, I have always loved to inspire my students and others who view my work to experience and feel their own response.

I studied Art and Drama at Nottingham University and completed an Art Postgraduate course in Brighton after travelling in New Zealand, Australia and south East Asia.

I have always loved being by (and in) the sea, by mountains and wild, out the way places. My more recent travels have taken me to Spain, Catalunya, Wales, Denmark, the Forest of Dean and Lanzarote where I  have completed commissions and exhibited.

I have a love of Turner, Monet, Howard Hodgkin, Twombly – my own artwork can sometimes encompass them all however  will always be personal to my own style and ethos. I love to paint memories however trivial and to tell a story of a time or a moment, working intuitively from my own collections of sketches and photographs. For this I use water colour and acrylic paint, oil pastels and charcoal sometimes with sand or other textural materials according to the mood and atmosphere of the piece. I can use many motifs to interact with each other – some perfect or imperfect, realistic or ephemeral. The process is not always planned allowing the structure, mood and composition to move and guide me.

I have completed number of private collaborative commissions, including one in Barcelona alongside a Feng Shui master.


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Lucy Penny